This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Academic-practitioner collaboration

Dadamac actively supports closer collaboration between academics and practitioners. We are  interested in the theory behind the practical work that we do, especially, but not only, related to ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development), ICT4Ed (ICT for Education), eco-technology,health, and design patterns. As an organisation, Dadamac is  reflective, analysing much of what it does, and so we welcome opportunities to work with researchers and teachers.

Examples are:

  • Participating in PRADSA Practical Design for Social Action

  • Helping Steve Thompson (Teeside University) to connect school children in U.K. and Africa for a photograph-sharing activity  ‘People and Place’ 

  • Contributing to many online discussion groups related to education and development.

  • Contributing to Interact 2009 - Ethics, Roles and Relationships in Interaction Design in Developing Regions

  • Various workshops at the Open University, Brighton University, and various London University Institutions, especially the ICT4D collective and  London Knowledge Lab

  • Contributing to  PCF5 (Pan Commonwealth Forum 5)

  • Linking-up with Tim Neumann of London University, for a three-way audiographic conference including Dadamac's Teacher's Talking programme in Nigeria and the Ethiopian project AHEAD (this was a fringe activity of the MoSAIC: Models for Synchronous Audiographic Interactive Conferencing programme).

  • Participating in the Grundtvig Video Bridge Workshop Streaming, Sharing and Learning

Information will be added later about Dr John Dada’s academic career in UK and Nigeria, and Dadamac’s academic connections in Nigeria.