This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

People & Connections

John and Pam pointing at Attacheb


The Dadamac Community - people in the local and online networks of John Dada (Nigeria) and Pamela McLean (UK)

The Dadamac online network could never have existed before the Internet - nor could  John and Pamela have collaborated as Dadamac. The Dadamac Community has emerged in a way that would have been impossible in the 20th century. It combines genuinely local initiatives and collaborations, with cross cultural ones, and links local concerns with wider global perspectives.

The hub

John Dada and Pamela McLean - Dadamac's co-founders and co-directors

The core team

There is a core team of people actively involved in current and recent Dadamac initiatives. You will get to know them through dipping into the website, checking for latest news on the front page, or getting updates via the dadamac digest or nikki's blogs. 

Close friends and collaborators

Dadamac has many close friends and valued collaborators. We are delighted when they describe themselves as part of the Dadamac community.

Wider network

We network widely in Nigeria, online and in the UK - and help people in our network to know each other, and to do useful stuff together.

Connecting regularly online Nigeria-UK and beyond

In addition to normal emailing and so on, key members of the team in UK and Nigeria link "in real time" through an online team meeting every week (blogged about by Nikki - Nikki's blog). We also have "open meetings" once a month where others are welcome to join us, and an annual online celebration called Dadamac Day (Dadamac Days - 6 years of UK-Nigeria collaboration online )

How it started

John and Pamela knew of each others projects through the Internet; they exchanged emails about their work; they subsequently met face to face in 2003. Since then they have collaborated in various ways, enabled by the Internet. Through their collaborations a high-trust, effective, UK-Nigeria team has been established and a wider online community has developed, which includes people from various countries and continents. Gradually the interests of the Dadamac community are being gathered together online here, to make it easier for others to join in.

Join us

We are organised to suit the various ways that different people connect with us. Our formal structures are Dadamac Foundation  and Dadamac Limited, and our informal structure is Dadamac OK (Open Knowledge).

Contact us to explore areas of overlapping interest.