This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Dadamac has moved - see Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Connect


2014 was a time of reflection in Dadamac and now you can see the results. The main thing you'll notice is an end to blogging here at and two new websites instead.

The new home for updates from Africa.

If you're looking for updates about John Dada's work at Fantsuam Foundation, or anything else about Dadamac's UK-Africa connections then go straight to Dadamac Foundation -

We are extending the UK-Africa work and bringing it all under the umbrella of our registered charity Dadamac Foundation. Since 2009 one of the main features of this "old" site has been Nikki's blogs, drawn from our weekly UK-Nigeria online meetings. 

The meetings between Dadamac UK and Fantsuam Foundation have been a rich learning experience.It's an over-simplification to say that Fantsuam Foundation brings local realities and Dadamac brings a global perspective, but it is true and important. This relationship has inspired our vision for 2015 and beyond.

The space for ideas and other connections

Dadamac Connect - - takes forward our interest in connecting people, organizations and ideas. Unlike Dadamac Foundation (which is strongly practical, tightly focused, and linked with specific African locations) Dadamac Connect rejoices in an apparent lack of focus. It connects up all kinds of things Pamela and Nikki have been thinking and doing. Its purpose is to make connections, so it's free to be wide ranging. It's based in reality and does link to specific events and organisations, but it's also a place for exploring patterns, seeing links and sharing ideas. If you're interested in what else we're doing and thinking come over to Dadamac Connect

Some background on Dadamac

Dadamac emerged from friends helping friends. Pamela McLean and John Dada started to collaborate back in 2002 and 2004 - connecting originally online, then in Ago-Are, and later at Fantsuam Foundation (first meeting face to face in August 2003). The name Dadamac originally came from collaborations with "Dada and McLean" at the centre.

Nikki Fishman, collaborating with me (Pamela) in London, co-founded the registered charity Dadamac Foundation. Nikki started blogging regularly in 2009 - Wednesday's meeting from Nikki . Gradually, in the UK, we discovered the value we brought to our friends at Fantsuam Foundation by sharing their ongoing stories online.

The ongoing online UK-Africa connection is a powerful one.

John Dada and his team at Fantsuam are as rooted in reality as you can get. They are a living example of integrated, needs-led, community development. They have an impressive history of achievement against tremendous odds, working in a challenging environment in Nigeria. They have learned practical lessons that are worth sharing widely.

Thanks to their innovative work on rural internet access they have been able to connect with us in the UK, week by week, month after month, year after year.  see Dadamac UK-Nigeria weekly meetings

Nikki and I, collaborating as Dadamac in London, bring a different perspective. With 24/7 electrical power and excellent internet access, there is more opportunity for us to connect with others in Africa and elsewhere, check out information online, get involved in online groups, and attend relevant events in London.

Dadamac in London and Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria have discovered the power and value of two-way communication, if people bring different perspectives to the same issue, and can exchange information and ideas in a relationship of equal respect.