This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

From Dadamac UK - to Cisco International - to Fantsuam

Filo Boko writes from Fantsuam's perspective about a unique collaborative effort

It was in April 2013 that Fantsuam's Cisco academy, also known as ZittNet academy, contacted Dadamac UK with an SOS. The academy that has been training students since 2004 faced imminent closure because it could not afford the £4,000 needed to purchase the mandatory new laboratory bundles. Dadamac took up the issue with its networks and was able to contact the Cisco Africa Regional Office to request an expression of its Corporate Social Responsibility to support ZittNet. After a flurry of emails from UK to South Africa to Nigeria, Fantsuam was invited to a meeting at the insistence of the West Africa Cisco Manager. The meeting was held at the Regional Cisco Academy at the University of Jos and Cisco promised to support the ZittNet Academy with retraining its instructors and new laboratory bundles.

We are glad to report that the first part of that promise is now being fulfilled with two ZittNet instructors, Yakubu and Patience billed to attend instructors’ refresher training at the University of Jos from January 5th, 2015. The West African Cisco Manager assured us he was working on getting us a bundle.

This development is almost incredible, but it is typical of the relationship between Dadamac in the UK and Fantsuam Foundation in its rural location in northern Nigeria. A true example of international ICT collaboration that ensures resources are directed where they are most needed.