This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

#dadamac connect - 13 Jan 2015

A day in my life in Dadamac Connect .... (times to nearest 1/4 hour)

8.15 - Dadamac UK-Nigeria meeting

10.30 - Debrief and planning with Nikki

1.30 - Apologetic email to organiser of Royal Africa Society event (2-4pm)

2.00 - Left home

3.00 - Arrived RAS Event - glad I made it

5.30 Arrived HubW

5.45 HubW DIY kitchen -met (new contact)  who told me about Meetup for wordpress users - I need to register

6.15 Andrius Kulikauskas on Skype asking how January 10th  went

6.45 Now and again Chris Santano showed me a bit of the video he took at the weekend and we discussed a few things. When he was busy with other tasks I did emails, tweets #dadamac, admin tasks etc

9.00 Left HubW

10.00 home

10.00 Phone call from friend to give progress report on PhD - good timing - I had supper etc while we talked.

11.00 Checked some emails etc - very helpful one from Steve Podmore ref Jan 10th.

11.15 Got ready for bed (nearly)

11.30 Decided to write quick diary notes before going to sleep - may expand on them tomorrow

11.45 Started spell check - hope to press publish and get to bed before midnight.