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Blog posts about teacherstalking

Woman and ICT

No two UK-Nigeria meetings are the same and this week was no exception. Although prior to each meeting I email an agenda this is only a guideline and acts as a memory jogger to ourselves to review certain aspects of the many Fantsuam Foundation projects . This week after item number one the agenda which is always “Meet and Greet”, John Dada used the hourly typed meeting to help formulate his thoughts and ideas. Although this is often a part of what our meetings are for this was the first time that we have devoted a whole meeting to such...

What Should First Thursday Aim to Do?

Hi Pam, It feels good to be back on Dadamac after a long time. The other day, you asked me about my views on the latest First Thursday, in which I tried to participate but could not do much. And I wrote the reason for that in a recent blog comment. Here goes: "For one, I was having a problem with the Net connection on the First Thursday. And also, to be frank, I just could not connect with the agenda. I felt like a total stranger, groping in the dark. This is not to belittle the thought and efforts...

Post BarCampAfrica

Participants at this week's UK/Nigeria online meeting were eager to share feedback following Dadamac's successful 5th anniversary celebrations of Teachers Teachers from BarCampAfrica . It was agreed by both teams that the day had proved both enjoyable and productive. Our friends in Nigeria expressed their delight at the quality of the contacts that they made and already plans are being discussed to move forward the debates about open software and equipment for the new Community Communication Centre. In fact it was online at BarCampAfrica that John Dada was able to tell us the exciting news that their CCC had just...

Planning Dadamac Day

This week we had the first planning and practice meeting for Dadamac Day (DD). The DD team, Chollom and Alheri (in Nigeria) and Nikki and Pam (in UK), e-met through one of Dadamac's usual typed Skype conferences. Date, time and place. The date and time are agreed -Saturday November 7th 10:00 GMT, 11:00 Nigerian time, 13:00 East Africa Time.