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Ramadhan (Tanzania) on Poverty and Population Increasing

Message to Pamela and Dadamac community Thank you for your patrotism to invite us again to the meeting place for Dadamac's "First Thusday" meeting . POVERTY IN AFRICA AND INCREASING OF POPULATION Dear members as we are keeping on moving in threshold of the 21st Century , a Century that is characterizing by competition. It is clear, therefore, that this Century be a Century dominated by those with advanced technological capacity, high productivity, modern and efficient transport and communication infrastructure and, above all highly skilled manpower imbued with initiative. If we are to be active participants in global developments of...

Starting a new Dadamac OK project - SCD with People's Uni

Dadamac and People's Uni have joined forces to develop a Sickle Cell Disease course. This is coming about in typical Dadamac "responding to need" fashion. The description below serves two purposes. It introduces the way things happen in Dadamac. It provides possible collaborators with an idea of where we are now and the steps we are taking. First steps There is a need (in this instance the need is to provide support for Sickle Cell Disease sufferers in and around Fantsuam) Someone in Dadamac wants to do something about it (in Nigeria John Dada wants to respond by running a...

Moving in - Useful Links

I am looking at my email inbox and thinking what emails I should choose to reply to as I "move in" to my space here at As I look, I realise that I will probably be making reference to information published on the Internet within my replies. This means it would be helpful to have the relevant links easily to hand.