This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Dadamac Holacracy Lite - February 2015 update

I'm a fan of Holacracy and want to find a way to implement it in Dadamac as we grow. My introduction came through a Hub Westminster breakfast session, then I went on a one-day training course and loved the approach.

Since then I've

  • Kept in contact with some of the people I met at the training day.
  • Been learning more in an informal way.
  • Enthused about it within Dadamac.
  • Investigated the ideas through some online peer-to-peer learning with a fellow enthusiast.
  • Wondered if we might do a simpler version (see Dadamac Holacracy Lite ).

But I haven't been in a position to implement it.

Now things are moving on again.

  • Tuesday 24th I phoned Nick Osborne for a quick update regarding Dadamac Holacracy Lite
  • Wednesday 25th Nikki Fishman attended Nick's training session on Holacracy
  • Friday morning 27th Nikki gave me enthusiastic feed-back, she agrees we should try to implement it somehow.

During the two hours Nikki and I were together we kept stopping to analyse what we were doing according to our understanding of Holacracy

  • We tried to be aware of the different kinds of Holacracy meetings, and behave accordingly (not mixing up two styles of meeting)
  • We both tried to be more aware of the many roles we are playing, and to consider at any point roles we were representing (this was helpful in keeping the different styles of meeting focussed).
  • When we spoke we tried to only contribute on behalf of one role at a time, and found that helped us to discover the separate roles and to start recognising their accountabilities.
  • We decided one of the circles we would create would be one to find ways to implement Holacracy - it is to be a "learning-by-doing" circle and we will both be part of it.

Friday evening 27th I read Job Titles are Killing Your Business. Here's What to Use Instead and downloaded the e-book I found there, which could help Nikki and me to implement Holacracy lite.

In my role within the Holacracy circle I'm increasing the resources we have available to share Holacracy within Dadamac.

This blog is my first practical expression of that role.