This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Community Action Committees (CACs) - visibility

This is a Fantsuam Foundation initiative.

In December 2010 Fantsuam Foundation contacted  community leaders from the many different districts that they serve. The vision was the establishment or reactivation of a Community Action Committee for each of these districts.

The advantage of a CAC are many
1. It is composed of all sectors a community so it promotes communal harmony
2. Its members are all unpaid volunteers, so it is a sustainable effort and facilitates continuity
3. It makes it possible to determine the health priorities of a specific community so that appropriate interventions can be designed.
4. It makes it possible to design appropriate resource mobilization startegies to implement the various health priorities
5.  It makes it possible for the various branches of Ungwa Rimi Development Associations to participate in funding specific projects

The Committee of around 10-12 persons should have a wide representation of the community ie all tribes, religions and age groups, with women forming at least 50%.

In the first month of the consultations with these communities three districts had signed up. And by the beginning of February 2011 the number had swelled to 15 with another 20 communities expressing a wish to become involved with the initiative.

Dadamac is hleping this project to be more visible