This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC)

Knowledge Resource Centre with Zittnet Mast Behind

The Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) is  at the main Fantsuam Foundation compound. The KRC offers free Internet connectivity, and reference books, CDs and DVDs. It is also sometimes used for meetings and non-formal training.

John Dada was the driving force behind the building of the KRC, and he is there frequently, supporting it in many ways.

Inside the Knowledge Resource CentreJohn's  long-term vision is to develop KRC as a learning hub: providing affordable tertiary level education and training, doing research, and creating resources for local use and distance learning.

Pamela McLean also supports the KRC in various ways. The photo shows her (in the background) with course participants during a "Self Directed Learners" course at KRC. She was introducing the participants to various strategies and tools to help them in their personal "learning journeys".

She also took resources to be used at the KRC, donated by people connected with Dadamac in the UK. They included some cameras and other training materials for the Self Directed Learners to use and for the Cameras for Communication Course.

Dadamac Foundation has supported the KRC by sending a donation of £100 towards tables.