This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial

This initiative was set up in response to the sad and unexpected news of Maria's sudden death on February 21st 2011. As people shared the news, and responded to it, there was a feeling that, somehow, we should do something to remember her and see how her work could be continued. Pamela and Nikki decided that what they could do (from the Dadamac UK office) was to set up a space at where people could contribute information about Maria's life and work, and explore possible collaborative ways to carry it forward.

We invite anyone who remembers Maria's life or work to contribute to this memorial, and explore with us what practical project we might create together in her memory.

If you are interested in being involved there are varous possible ways forward. Please email me - with Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial in the subject line of your email -  to find out more.

Update on November 27th 2011 - after some emails had been exchanged we set up an online group which people could use, called Collaborators Connect - (Update June 2014 - This link no longer works as posterous has been discontinued. Discussions among some people in collaborators connect have re-emerged sometimes in the First Thursday group - see