This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Pattern Language

This is something that I (Pamela McLean) am exploring as a Dadamac Learner in the Dadamacadamy

I first came across Pattern Language (PL) through Doug Schuler. Subsequently I found many other people in my network referring to PL, including Helmut Leitner, Andy Dearden, Till Schümmer, Yishay Mor and Franz Nahrada.

In 2009 I attended a PL workshop organised by Yishay which included practical work led by Doug - with reference to his PL book "Libreaing Voices"

Helmut and I also got chatting online about PL and he kindly gave me a series of informal half-hour "tutorials" exploring how PL and Dadamac related to each other.

Later I responded to an invitation to contribute case-stories and patterns to a book that Yishay was co-editing. The invitation included the chance to have the contributions "shepherded" to get them presented in the structure required by the PL approach. It seemed an ideal way to learn more.

My contributions were

In 2011 PL came up often in discussion in Coalition of the Willing, and I joined a group that Micheal Maranda set up called Open Stewardship Patterns (along with Fabio Barone, Gerry Gleason, and Paul Horan). Paul was a complete novice to PL and contirbuted soem great links to the group form his researches into what on earh Pl was all about. Amongst those links was one which i shared on posrrerous at  Fwd - Future Design and Liberating Voices! A Pattern Language for Communication Revolution