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Rice Project - Visibility

Fantsuam Foundation is one of three organisations selected.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, in conjunction with the World Bank, are supporting the development of the Rice Value Chain in Kaduna State.

Currently Nigeria imports more rice than it produces, but Nigeria with the right support could produce more than enough to meet its needs, boosting food security and incomes for Nigerians.

Fantsuam Foundation is one of just three organisations that has been selected to implement interventions within the value chain. During this 6 month project (do to finish in February 2011) Fantsuam Foundations' micro-finance department will be training 200 members of the rice value chain in loans, savings, business development knowledge and skills and will also provide additional business mentoring support.

It is also anticipated that many of those undergoing the training will go on to take out micro-finance loans to support the growth of their businesses. This together with the training it is hoped with enable them ultimately to increase their incomes and further secure their livelihoods.

Teleri, is the VSO volunteer who is the Value Chain Researcher & Developer and Market Coordinator at Fantsuam Foundation who is working hard with FF staff to achieve this.

Dadamac is helping this project to be more visible.