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Sickle Cell Disease some additional background info - visibility

Raising Awareness and tackling Sickle Cell Disease in rural Nigeria

At a Dadamac UK-Nigeria meeting at the end of 2009 John Dada raised the issue of the overwhelming local need for a sickle cell clinic for the Kafanchan area.

The story so far:

To mark the second UN Sickle Cell awareness day Fantsuam Foundation organised an event which screened 500 children under 5 years and provided education and genetic counselling for 1000 people.

Fantsaum Foundation has been holding monthly sickle support groups for 100+ members.

July 2010 355 babies were screened for the disease in a rural community. By September 2010 the target of 6000 children was reached so screening has been suspended for the time being.

John has also set up a Cohort Pilot study.

With the help of peoples-uni volunteers are looking at providing training resources which can help medical staff caring for these patients.

To learn more about or how you can get involved in this project please contact

Ways to help

By giving time... we need volunteers to help provide  information about Sickle Cell and to help raise funds.

By making a donation...We need money to buy the medicines for treatment and to pay for the screening.

Dadamac is helping this project to be more visible.