This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Education and Training

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Our education and training interests are wide-ranging regarding:

  • Content
    • Vocational/academic
    • Community/personal
    • Accredited/non-formal
  • Participants - all ranges of age and backgrounds including:
    • Post-graduate
    • Illiterates
    • Children
    • Health, education and other professionals
    • Retired people
    • Professionals
    • People with disabilites.
  • Delivery methods
    • Face to face teaching and training
    • Resource based learning
    • Project based learning
    • Supported self-directed learning and learning by doing
    • Distance learning
    • Internet enabled learning
    • Phone enabled learning
    • Online communities of interest
    • Distance tutoring/mentoring

Our education and training work is relevant to many people with education/training interests inlcuding:

  • Philanthropists/volunteers wanting to support local education/training
  • People needing to provide similar education/training in other locations
  • Policy makers and other change agents wanting to observe or implement local take-up of educational changes.
  • Academics with research interests overlapping any Dadamac areas of work (at a distance of through field work)
  • Employers looking for suitably skilled employees 
  • Education/training providers wishing to extend their services to  underserved communities.

We don't yet have full information online about all our projects. Please contact us for more information about possible areas of overlapping interest.