This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Research and Development

Connecting with the academic community at ICTD2010 and running a ssession on how ICT is used by researchers

We help people with their research, development and development studies.

  • Collaborative funding proposals - with current local information
  • Field trials - you can be on site or at a distance,
  • Market research - enhanced by our wide micro-finance client network
  • Academic research - opportunities in health, education, and all community and sustainability issues
  • Distance learning development and pilot studies - for all academic levels
  • Study visits - short or long term
  • Fact finding - we are the experts in reality checks at grass-roots level  
  • UK sessions sharing what (and who) we know - by phone or face-to-face (individual or group)

Dadamac's own research is conducted on a practical level and on a theoreticl level:

  • Practical  - investigating what does work, and what does not work, and adapting what we do as a result.
  • Theoretical  - reflecting on what we are doing, analysing the knowledge we are gaining, and discovering emergent patterns behind what we are doing and learning.

Please contact us for more information about possible areas of overlapping interest.