This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Joining in with the dadamac community

The idea of is that is should be an "online home/office/clubroom/study-space/whatever-we-need" for the growing dadamac community (which welcomes newcomers). We started off by "preparing the reception area" i.e. the home page and such like (this area needs more work - fewer words, more pictures -  but is well under way).

Now we are ready to start graduallly inviting people in - probably people we already know to start with - simply because they already have shared interests and onging shared conversations. As the conversations develop other people, newcomers to dadamac, may decide to join in. At first we'll do this througn the blogs and comments. Later we will start to have more structured discussions as well, and we'll put the word out through our "usual channels" to let people know what the topics will be.  Gradually we will also move our various Special Interest Groups over into the space  - but not yet. For now we will leave them where they are accustomed to meet.

Some of the ogoing conversations that may move here are:

  • Preparations for dadamac day
  • Beekeeping
  • Fishfarming
  • How to get better collaboaration between academics and practitioners
  • How to move forward with getting a second prototype Open Tractor, so it can be tried out at Attachab eco-village.
  • How to move on with technology transfer from Arcilla research so we can try out Paul Rayar's ceramic process as a local small enterprise.
  • How to get the second, larger, eco-dome built.
  • How to find supporters for Dadamac Foundation
  • How to find an investor so we can implement a Barefoot Power project
  • And various other ongoing discussions ......... 

We won't push any topic particularly hard. We will just gradually get the word out that it might be a good idea to start talking here instead of in private, so that more people can join in to "rub minds".

Remember the comments option below this post. Feel free to start commenting on any of the above topics (including "other").

Who will start the conversation? Please don't wait politely for "someone else" to do it first - they may be waiting for you....