This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Video Bridge Community Online

The community that Franz Nahrada created through the Video Bridge Workshop continues to flourish online in various ways now we have gone our separate ways. Jakub Staniewicz, one of the Video Bridge workshop participants, made a good point about linking "communites of communities" through Video Bridges (and other online connections). I feel that this is what we are starting to do now between the Dadamac community and the Video Bridge community.

Since the workshop I have:

  • Connected with some participants and Franz on Skype (some typed, some voice, some video)
  • Discussed at the Dadamac UK-Nigeria team meeting a possible future collaboration idea that Barry Hunt, Steve Thompson and I came up with during the workshop
  • Exchanged some comments on the Ning
  • Done some blog introductions relating to permaculture 

I am delighted with the resulting flurry of emails about permaculture between Marcus and Wael, and even more delighted that Wael has responded with a comment under the original blog introductions.

You can become part of the Video Bridge community by joining the Video Bridge Ning group It already includes people who joined in at a distance, and others who had no direct link with the workshop.