This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Todays First Thursdays

This is our plan for Today's First Thursday.

Informal chat before and after the main session.
We can chat informally before and after our main session, but in the main session we will focus on some set topics. If people arrive during the main session then Nikki will greet them on behalf of all of us.

Set topics for discussion.

The set topics reflect the interests of people who said in advance that they hope to attend. These topics are:

  • Appropriate Power - Especially ways to generate power
  • Permaculture - Especially Jatropha and key-hole gardens
  • Social Media - Especially use of Twitter
  • Open Source software

Allocating time

The order of the topics will depend on who is in the chat room at the start of the session. We will decide how to allocate time as we go along.

Joining in the discussion

  • Anyone can join in the discussion
  • People can type in at the same time - you do not have to wait to "take your turn"
  • It is okay to have some conversations in parallel , but please stick to the topic under discussion.

Follow up and looking forward

Towards the end of the session we will try to collect up Any Other Interests. We can carry these forward for the next First Thursday meeting (May 6th) If you want to continue the discussion before then you can do so through comments after this blog post.