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Feedback from rural Nigeria

Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ibadan is one of the biggest school in Ibadan metropolis. Fola (who has only had his laptop for two weeks) visited the school to help  teachers with the configuring of their system
He was also the first to let us know about the flooding in Oyo State and sent us some photos.
Dadamac has helped Fola obtain his laptop with the help of an loan through Fantsuam Foundation's microfinance bank. Once the interest free loan has been repaid by Fola the intention is that the money will be lent out again.
During our weekly UK-Nigeria meeting Comfort gave us an update about Fantsuam Foundation's successful microfinance programe.
She reports that there are now 6 field officers and that the current size of loan remains the same: the minimum being 5,000N and the maximum being 60,000 Naira. She also said that the number of clients has been reduced to just a 1,000 clients. Comfort attributes this down to the post election violence. The duration or period of the loan is either 4 or 6 months . This is because the longer the period of the loan, the likely there will be default. and the shorter periods the interest rates are very low.

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