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ICT4D - Nigeria, a ginger crop and the Internet

I've been reading "Development and ICT4D - Too many pilot projects and not enough regular service" Amongst the stories of failures and success were references to helping farmers. This reminded me of Veronica (who is a teacher and a farmer in rural Nigeria). I thought I would share the story of her experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Veronica's story - the very short version

The short version of Veronica's story is this. She was growing ginger for the first time and wanted advice on harvesting and marketing it, so she went to the Internet. The outcome she was hoping for was that she would make a profit from her little experimental ginger crop (people elsewhere were growing it as a cash crop). If her experiment worked then she planned to share her new found knowledge with other people in the community, so they could have an additional source of income.

Unfortunately the information found in the time available wasn't relevant to her needs.

How she accessed the Internet, and how we could have helped her to succeed in her search for information are explored in Veronica's story

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