This is an archive of the website, as it was in 2015, it is no longer being updated.

Developing the Knowledge Resource Centre

Organising the 6th Dadamac Day anniversary celebrations took up the majority of the allotted hour for this week’s UK-nigeria meeting.
The theme agreed upon was “ Dadamac goes Glocal” and was to be focused around the Knowledge Resource Centre at Fantsuam Foundation.

Although the KRC is a physical space and does have a few resources and students, it is virtually where it is strongest with people and energy gathering around it. It is here where local experts can connect with the global community. The KRC is not to be confused with Fantsuam Academy which offers a range of courses which are taught by FF trainers in classrooms. Students and trainers are encouraged to make use of and to help build the KRC which it is envisaged will evolve into a higher and tertiary education facility.
John Dada was keen that Fantsuam students should be included in the Dadamac celebrations as he pointed out for many this would be their only experience of e-conferencing.

Pamela Mclean also fedback to the team that she had attended a recent conference about Distance learning and shared with us her view about future education. For more about the KRC and learning please see Pam's Posterous.

John went on to say that he is “ particularly keen to host the Distance Learning: we've never had such a team of young people who are looking for opportunities to develop their careers, and we have them right here as staff of Fantsuam”

John also informed us that he had had a phone call the previous day and that on Saturday Fantsuam Foundation are to receive an award for Excellent  Service to Society from the Kaduna State Co-operative Foundation.