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Vision and practicality at Attachab

This update from Frances was sent from rural Nigeria to the UK this morning.

"Reubens, from the Congo, started work with some volunteers at Attachab this week. He has a vision of how Attachab will look that prefectly mirrors the dream that John Dada had, but so far did not know how to put into practice. In particular Reubens loves and appreciates trees and will do all he can to protect them or make use of them when they come to the end of their life.

First of all Reubens has transported a large load of bamboo to the site which will be used to complete the second storey of the farm manager's house. The upper floor will be strengthened first with planks before laying the bamboo and then bamboo used again for the walls.

Reubens has looked at the site generally and noted the large spreading trees which provide much welcome shade . By clearing areas under these trees, provision can be made to accommodate large gatherings- either training workshops or celebrations- under these trees with no need of artificial canopies. He has already cleared some broad paths over the slightly rising and falling ground showing how each tree area can be reached separately without disturbing those in a different 'tree' area and several events can continue at one time. All the paths will be gently sloping to accommodate disabled people. John Dada had previously intervened to stop one tree being felled and Reubens believes that with good care it can last many more years.

The workers have made a lovely camp under another tree and made seats and shelves from pieces of wood and bamboo. They cook their food over a fire and will even bake their own bread. Reubens ensures the site is kept clean and any plastic waste is removed including that blown in from outside the site.

When the fruit trees which have been already planted start developing it will have the appearence of an orchard and other trees will form a shady avenue. Already there is some dry season farming using water from the river which runs throughout the year. In another area tomatoes are growing watered by clays pots. These pots are made locally and sunk into the ground and the porous material allows the water to seep through gradually to the roots of the plants.

Reubens has plans to develop the river site so that people can enjoy it. He befriended some local youths and learned from them their local means of catching fish to add to his own knowledge.

We cannot wait to see how all this will begin to develop. "

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