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Truth and Reconciliation Movement for the Plateau

Below is John Dada's response to the informative, inspirational (and brave) article written by Prince Charles Dickson for Sahara Reporters - which can be viewed here .

"Dear Charles,

I read a lot of hope in your article, and you have also identified someone of like mind: Aliyu Tilde. It will only take a few folks to start a reversal of this season of madness in Plateau. Truth and Reconciliation is what the majority are yearning for, but a vocal minority is drowning their voices. If those we call leaders have let us down, let us rise to the ocassion and help ourselves. Let us reach out across the "vs" and let our humanity save us from this no-win situation.

I suggest that you and Tilde start reaching out to the few and courageous others who agree to promote peace again on the Plateau. The problems are not intractable, we will not sweep things under the carpet, but we shall go into this with a vision of a Plateau that allows everyone to live in harmony, and achieve their potential. A Plateau that has found that the indigene-settler dichotomy is not what is needed for development in this space age, and is willing to leave this brutal past behind. Let us start a Truth and Reconciliation Movement for the Plateau".

John Dada PhD, MPH, RN, DipHE
Executive Director
Fantsuam Foundation
Kafanchan, Nigeria

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