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During this week's online meeting John Dada was able to give the UK-Nigeria team an update about the Attachab Eco-Village project.

Following the successful initial progress the French Embassy have just released the 2nd installment of their grant.

John reported that the classroom / manager's residence is nearing completion as is the borehole.
On Monday the construction of the overhead water tank and the installation of a solar pump are scheduled to commence.

John explained that they are using compressed bricks work for the build.
He also reported that as of today (Wednesday 30th November) there are over 20 young men working at the Attachab site.
John said:

" We have created a small employment opportunity in the village"

This is very important for the local community where unrest and turmoil (especially amongst the unemployed youth) is still high as was sadly demonstrated by the recent civil unrest.

John explained:

"The solar water pump will be installed in the borehole, its panels will be on the water tank, and will supply potable water for the house and the nearby houses of the host community. The solar water pump is being installed by  the same engineer who did the Fantsuam Foundation solar installations. The pump has to be correctly calibrated so that the required number of solar panels are available to power it....purity checks have been done, and the water is better that what is available in public taps at the moment..
It is a Grundfos Solar pump we have purchased.
We will be installing 5 solar panels (185Watt panels) at Attachab and an additonal three at Fantsuam to support the classrooms. The solar panels are there to be used when the grid is not available, or inadequate.......FF actually operates this hybrid power of solar - grid - generator. In the rainy seasons, the thick clouds prevent sufficient solar penetration, so the generator and grid come handy.
The borehole is situated at Attachab. But we also need a borehole for the Lab. "

 Photo shows dry season fish ponds at Attachab fed by a tributary of the River Wonderful Photo from Cicely,VSO at Fantsuam Foundation 2008/9

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