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Attachab Farm: Project Update

Attachab featured heavily at this week’s UK-Nigeria online Skype meeting.

Following the successful fund raising by FastTractor John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation gave us the following quick update:
“We have the tractor driver, Linus Kallat and his assistant is Thomas. Thomas already works at Attachab and will double up as assistant”

Unfortunately, and as was reported at the previous week’s meeting, the heavy rains have delayed the full utilisation of the tractor.

John went on to inform us:
“The French embassy funding has come to an end. However, It did it cover everything that was planned and there is still some balance to be used for training in January. The French embassy funded construction of classroom, toilet facilities, solar-powered borehole, fishpond with capacity for 8,000 fishes and the dry season farming training.”
“We hope to use local agricultural extension workers as trainers and they will be training farmers in the Attachab host communities. Our target is 50 farmers.”

John also appealed for any manuals on Non Violent Conflict resolution skills training, as Fantsuam Foundation would like to integrate this into the training.

The plastic recycling pilot project with Fantsuam, DEVTECH and Comic Relief has reached a milestone... Linus’s ticket to London for training has now been officially booked for the 19th August returning 20th October so we are all very excited about this.

John also said that he will shortly I be sending us some photos of their completed Health clinic extension which was funded by the American Embassy, Abuja.

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